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Tourism in Beypore

Renowned for its pristine beaches and ship-building industry, Beypore is a coastal town situated on the banks of Chaliyar River and is 10 Km to the south of Kozhikode. The town is also a paradise for the tourists as they can indulge in lot of beach activities away from the cacophony of the city and the tourists can also visit the ship-building yard. Ideal time to visit Beypore is during July to September.

Cheliyar River in Beypore

Chaliyar River

Beypore is situated on the banks of Chaliyar River which is the fourth longest river of Kerala with the length of 169 Km. Chaliyar is also known as Chulika River and when it nears the sea it is called as Beypore River. It meets the Lakshdweep Sea at an estuary or azhi and the southern part of it is known as Chaliyam and the northern part is known as Beypore. Thus, the river gets it name. It is to be noted that Chaliyar never gets dried up during drought season whereas other rivers of Kerala do get dried up. During 19th and 20th century, Chaliyar was used for carrying timber from the forest areas through rafts made of logs during the monsoon season to Kallayi.

Chaliyar Backwaters or Beypore Backwaters

It is recently started event in Kozhikode and River Chaliyar joins the sea near the beach after flowing through the coconut groves and paddy fields. It is part of Kozhikode backwaters and is a perfect getaway for canoe and boating.

Beypore Beach

Beach in BeyporeBeypore beach is quite popular right from ancient days. The port and fishing harbour was an important centre for trade and maritime centre. The ship-building yard was familiar in the Western Asia as the ‘URU’ the traditional Arabian trading vessel was built here. Today, the tourists can buy miniature of the vessels that were built here as memorabilia.

The calm and serene beach offers the tourists with peace and quiet ambience and the tourists can indulge in many beach activities such as sunbath, can walk around nearby areas to know about the tradition of Kerala, the tourists can also taste the local seafood from the seaside stalls and can also drink a lot of coconut waters that are refreshing. It is a perfect weekend getaway.

Beypore Port serves to Lakshwadeep. Beypore light house is also a popular tourist attraction as the view of the lights emerging from the light house during night is enchanting. Hence, tourists throng this place during the day as well as at night. Beypore harbour is also ideal for fishing and you will also be seeing several fishermen catching fishes here.

Pulimuttu Bridge

The bridge is made by piling the stones together and it stretches into the sea. The bridge is adorned with lots of lights and there is also seating arrangement available for the tourists to sit and enjoy the waves of the sea. The sunset from here is fascinating.

Dolphin’s Point

It is situated at the centre of the town and here the tourists can enjoy watching the dolphins playing in the sea in early hours of the day. But the tourists need to walk for 2 Kms to reach the place and for sure it will be a memorable trip to them.

How to Reach Beypore Beach and Pulimuttu Bridge

Beypore the small coastal town is situated in Kozhikode district and the nearest airport is Kozhikode international airport. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode railway station which is situated at 10 Kms and the Feroke station is 4 Kms away. Beypore is well connected by road to other cities and KSRTC buses and private buses ply on daily basis. For the tourists visiting the beach, it is ideal to hire a taxi or a cab.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

It is situated 7 Km from Beypore and is the one of the most attractive bird sanctuaries in Kerala. It covers an area of 3 Sq Kms and the estuary at Kadalundi is spread over a cluster of islands. It is the heaven for 60 varieties of migratory birds and is home to 100 species of native birds. Birds such as gulls, terns, herons, whimbrels, sandpipers and some exotic birds come here during November and will return home only by the end of April. Some of the birds that are native to this place are woodpecker, jungle fowl, black bulbul, laughing thrush, kingfisher, myna and peafowl. The sanctuary also follows many scientific methods to protect these birds and their habitats. The ideal time to visit this place is early in the morning during December to April. The tourists can also find different varieties of snakes like Cobra, Viper, Krait, etc. Kadalundi river which flows into the Arabian Sea is also known for the wide variety of fish, crabs and mussels.

How to Reach Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

The sanctuary is well connected by road to other cities as well as inter-states. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode railway station and the airport is Kozhikode international airport. Tourists can take the private buses as well as KSRTC buses to reach the sanctuary.

Mannur Temple

Mannur temple otherwise known as Sri Mannur Maha Shiva region was established by Sage Parashurama and falls under 108 Siva temples that he built in Kerala. However, there are no evidences to prove this. The scholars estimate that the temple is some 1000 years old and some of the inscriptions found on the temple wall are some 400 years old. The laterite structure which is based on Gajaprathista style is exquisitely carved and dates back to two centuries ago.

The sanctorum comes with intricate architecture and found in two levels. It faces west. Granite is used in the foundation of the temple and for the formation of the wall, red laterite stones are used which are exquisite. Lord Shiva’s angry form after Dakshayaga is depicted here and it is called as Aghoramurthy. Other upadevatas found in temple are Vigneswara, Dakshinamurthy and Sreeparvathi. Apart from the Shiva temple, there are also Mahavishnu temple, Sastha temple, Chuttambalam, Karinkali Kavu are present in the temple complex.

It is presumed that the prathista of Siva Linga started by Sree Parasurama in Tiruvannur is completed at this temple by noon. Thus, the poojas conducted at noon are considered to be special. Major festivals of the temple are Sivarathri and Thiruvathira. The administration of the temple had been governed by Manezhi Illoms as well as Perumparambil families. Today, the temple comes under department of Hindu Religious Charitable Endowment.

Sri Mannur Maha Shiva Kshethram,
PO Mannur,
Feroke, Kozhikode - 673 328,
Tel: +91 0495 2471160

How to Reach Mannur Temple

Feroke is the nearest railway station and from the railway station the tourists can hire taxi or a cab or can also travel by private as well as public buses to the temple. The nearest airport is Kozhikode international airport.

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